About Us…

The owners of Barbados Hydroponics Farm have maintained a residence and a business in Barbados for well over two decades.  In the mid-1990’s, the family purchased a hotel business on the west-coast and ran it successfully for almost 20 years.  Since that time, the family has transitioned into various other business ventures, including this beautiful farm for all of Barbados to enjoy.  The family cordially invites you to come along to visit the farm and try some of our products.

With a residence nearby, the family has built the farm in one of the best locations on the island.  Easily accessible for everyone, our farm is open daily for the people and businesses of Barbados.  Please consider making us a regular stop for your fruit and vegetable requirements.  With a friendly staff and early opening times, we could be a daily shop for all vendors, in order to provide your customers with the freshest daily produce.

Our hyper-modern hydroponics farm is a superb facility in which to produce high-quality, pesticide-free, year-round, fresh fruit & veg for the vendors of Barbados. Our farm can solve the many problems facing traditional farming, such as: climate limitations; pests and diseases; seasonal availability; land-size limitations; planting & harvesting difficulties; and the necessary light to grow plants at any time of day, month or year.  It is the perfect solution for our beautiful island.

Virtually everyone agrees that it is preferable to purchase and consume locally sourced produce. It is fresher, making it last significantly longer. It is better for the local economy. It tastes far better. It is less expensive than imported items. It lessens the environmental impact. The harvest can be more tailored to local tastes and preferences. The food is generally safer to consume. And you have communication with your local provider.  We invite you to our family farm today!

Hours of Operation