EVERGREEN FARMS Barbados IS A hydroponics FACILITY capable of supplying hotels & restaurants, throughout the island, with a year-round harvest of high quality produce. We CAN grow tomatoes, lettuces, cabbages, Varied mushrooms, CUCUMBERS & herbs. EVERGREEN delivers the freshest vegetables to your establishment every day.

What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponic farming is an ideal modern solution for cultivating and growing plants indoors utilizing primarily water instead of soil. Growing plants hydroponically uses significantly less energy, resources, and water compared to traditional soil methods.  It is a wonderful way to produce a variety of vegetables and herbs, in bulk, year-round, at a lower cost to the consumer and the environment.  It also means locally sourced goods, no matter where you may be in the world, available year-round for your kitchen.

Ideal for Barbados...

Our hyper-modern hydroponics farm is a superb facility in which to produce high-quality, pesticide-free, year-round, fresh fruit & veg for the vendors of Barbados. Our farm can solve the many problems facing traditional farming, such as: climate limitations; pests and diseases; seasonal availability; land-size limitations; planting & harvesting difficulties; and the necessary light to grow plants at any time of day, month or year.  It is the perfect solution.

More Choice, Less Cost...

Shopping with us has many advantages, the biggest of which is the increased rate of growth in our plants. Our plants will mature up to 25% faster and, therefore, yield up to 30% more than the same plants grown in soil.  This type of efficiency enables us to sell our produce at a significant savings for both vendors and consumers.  We also offer year-round availability of all fruits and vegetables — a benefit that our island sometimes lacks.

Locally Sourced Produce...

Virtually everyone agrees that it is preferable to purchase and consume locally sourced produce. It is fresher, making it last significantly longer. It is better for the local economy. It tastes far better. It is less expensive than imported items. It lessens the environmental impact. The harvest can be more tailored to local tastes and preferences. The food is generally safer to consume. And you have communication with your local provider.

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